Energy Efficient
Retrofit Measures for
Government Buildings

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Energy Efficient
Retrofit Measures for
Government Buildings
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The IT-Toolkit for energy efficient retrofit measures comprises 10 different tools for consulting, assessment and information, namely: Toolkit Start
- The assessment of the energy consumption of a specified public  building compared to a building with an average national energy requirement (to be selected from almost 20 different types of buildings)
- An electronic protocol for the detailed collection of building data of an existing building
- A checklist for the correct operation of technical building systems
- An energy audit protocol incl. auxiliary programmes
- More than 70 examples of model building retrofits 
- Descriptions and statistics of various retrofit measures, including building envelope, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, lighting, domestic appliances etc as well as operational and management-related influences
- A calculation tool based on German standard DIN V 18599 to evaluate the actual condition of buildings and a variety of possible energy retrofit measures
- A guideline for PPP- resp. EPC-projects (Public-Private Partnerships resp. Energy-Performance Contracting): Financing renovation measures here by private funding. The investment costs are repaid by the energy savings.
- A calculation spreadsheet for the financial evaluation of  PPP- or EPC-projects
- Exemplary PPP- or EPC-retrofitting projects


Both the English and the German versions of the IT-Toolkit are available for free weiter DOWNLOAD

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